Blog Update

Monthly Round-Up: December 2014

Happy New Year everybody!

It is time again for me to look back on this past month of blogging to see the posts that have come to be.

This month I got a little more personal with posts about my Family Traditions.

I created a Sassy Sweatshirt and a Galaxy Dry Erase Board to help with finals week.

As the holiday season drew near I tried my hand at making my own Luma Plushies and Personalized Mugs for friends and family. I also handcrafted some cute holiday ornaments of Jack Skellington.

In the spirit of New Years I looked back on some of my old fanart drawings for My Neighbor Totoro. I found the true reason why I love fanart while creating my own original art piece of a Galactic Orca.

I questioned how to make a good New Year’s Resolution. All in all I would say that I had a good December that ended the year with a bang! I hope this new year will bring lots of joy and adventure to everyone.

What was your favorite memory of 2014?

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