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Monthly Round-Up: January 2015

It’s almost a week into February and just now am I getting the monthly round-up out. It’s only been a little over a month and already this year has been very busy. Without further ado, let’s check out how some posts from January.

Pikmin on BedOliphauntARBottlecap Thumbtacks

In January I started a new set of posts called “What Made My Weekend” to help remind myself of the simple pleasures in life that can come from even a busy weekend.

I created my first plushie from scratch of a little blue Pikmin.

One of the first drawings of the year was a patterned Oliphaunt that was fun to make and a little time-consuming.

It took almost two months but I finally finished the Pokeball Cork boards, which are still a lovely addition to my study area. I even made some thumbtacks to put on the Cork boards inspired by the elements in the Pokemon card game.

I got the chance to mess around to photoshop and create a Galactic Platypus this past month.

The second try on making a plushie from scratch did not go so well. My little dragon looks like a little demon. Half of crafting is trail and error though, right?

I shared my love of Sentinels of the Multiverse and Merlin with a couple of fanart pieces I created.

LArger PlatypusFB  AZ and Guise Merlin

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