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Monthly Round-Up: February 2015

Finish! Black Rhino FB Final Creation

What?? Two posts in one day? Is this weird for this blog or what? Yep! It’s that time again to have a monthly round-up of all the posts and crafts that happened.

Right at the get-go of the month a posted a cute way to decorate hearts on Valentine’s Day Cards. I created a patterned black rhino, the second in my series of patterned animals. I call it a series because I do not think I will stop drawing designs like these.

Majoras Mask and Monster Hunter 4 came out during this month. I got so hyped for it that I created some perler bead jewelry based of Majoras Mask. Later that week I created a piece of crossover fanart of the two awesome games.

Some old coffee filters that were no longer useful were found in my cupboard. I used them to decorate some coffee containers I have been using for storage. I also tried out some new watercolors I got for my birthday, and created a Beebot from the Sentinels of the Multiverse.

I am really excited about what the future holds and can not wait to start making some of my cosplays during the rest of this year.

Deku Link Final Products Beebot

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