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Dreaming of Cosplays

Unfortunately, I do not have a new project for this week. However, I have had time to think up some ideas of a few projects I want to work on, which are mainly cosplay ideas.

If you remember a week or so ago I talked about making a redjacket for Captain Cosmic. Well, my boyfriend changed his mind on who he wanted to cosplay. Now he is thinking of cosplaying Exemplar, a new character from the Greater than Games Sentinel Tactics. The guy looks like he’ll be easy to cosplay, and I personally look forward to this fun project because any mess ups will look like they’re on purpose.

I have also decided to give up on one of my cosplays for this year. As much as I love Fanatic, she has huge wings. Since I plan to volunteer at the Sentinel booth this year, I think I will have to put this idea away for a while. I want to be an efficient and committed volunteer. If I did do this cosplay I would get in the way of people moving around a tight booth, and I do not think that it’s worth cosplaying if I create a negative atmosphere for my fellow volunteers. Instead, I plan to work on this cosplay in my spare time for another year.

Another project I plan to take on is improving my closet. So possibly a couple of posts on here will be the ways I’ve up-cycled some of my clothing pieces. Just to give you guys a heads up. 🙂

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great day.

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