Food For Thought

Childhood Essense

What is the difference between children and adults?

Children live. They play and laugh whenever they can. They explore and try to learn about everything. Children are happy to be living. Childhood essence, to me, is the ability to have happiness fill your heart over the simple pleasures of life. Many adults love the idea that they still have their childhood essence. Yet somehow during the transition between childhood to adulthood this idea can get twisted.

For some adults, all they think about is work, money, bills, and debt. They don’t see the flowers blooming, or feel the warm summer breeze. They see that the accomplishment of completing their work is the only thing needed to bring delight into their life’s. Others act out their daydreams of being rich, assuming that this will bring them happiness in life. However in the back of their minds they know their debts keep stacking up. They complain and accuse others for their problems, not wanting to admit that they did it to themselves.

The median of the two, the realist I guess, notices early on into adulthood that in order to find joy in their life, they must make sure that debt will not stand in their way of living. So they work hard, and relax with friends at night. They have fun with whatever they do. They explore the world with wonder in their eyes. These are the people who keep their childhood essence while being an adult. These are the people who live.

P.S. Sorry about this random “Food for Thought” type post today instead of a craft/fabrication. Life is getting busy for me with finals around the corner, and papers needing to be completed. So please bear with me because I have some great crafts plan for the future.

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