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Monthly Round-up: May 2015

Color clothespinsPencil HolderColorful Mermaid

Hello everybody! Another month has passed, which means it’s time for another monthly round-up!

As much I as I do not want to admit this…I’ve been distracted the past few days by web comics. One of my friends suggested around five for me to read, then my brother suggested four more…so I felt like seeing if they were any good and the next thing I knew I had completed two of the web comics and forgot all about my blog! D: Enough about the present though, let’s talk about this past month and see what I’ve improved on!

If you guys remember, this month started off crazy for me with it being only two weeks before Finals and the end of the semester! So I kept it simple and created some colorful clothespins. I also started working on a sperm whale drawing which I was able to finish later on in the month.

That next week finals started and I created a pencil-case holder for my desk to help inspire me while I worked. I drew a colorful mermaid to celebrate the beginning of my summer break.

I showed off some plushie designs I am thinking of creating. I also explained how I created some cheap “welding gloves” for cosplays.

Close up Griffin11349928_10203016080321323_1648043515_n11116015_10203037813904649_409589404_n

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