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Monthly Round-Up: June 2015

WEbcomic Exemplar's Jacket Ankylosaurus Watercolor

It is time again to look back at this past month to see what I have been up to on this blog!

At the beginning of the month I started working on plans for a webcomic. It looks like it will be a while before I get this project gets completed. Honestly, the problem is that I do not have enough comic strip ideas in order to have a consistent webcomic. I feel a need to not do that to a comic, so I am going to keep it on the side to work on.

After working a bit on my webcomics, I started on Exemplar’s jacket. I still have not got the materials needed to finish this up. However, I hope to complete this before the end of July. I was able to create Exemplar’s gloves, which helps on getting the cosplay one step closer to being complete. I also worked on my own cosplay of Pinion, and was able to complete her dress.

On the art side of the blog, I created a dinosaur with watercolors, a sketchbook out of cardboard and spare paper, and even created a doodle in my handmade sketchbook!

This upcoming month will be crazy for me, and I can not wait! I plan to be moving into a new apartment! Which does anyone have some great tips for moving?

Exemplar Glove WIP 11637845_10203134313837087_459316036_n 11275492_10203171220439729_2123993784_n

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