Blog Update

Site Update!

Hi guys! I have bad-ish news, good news, and “nice to know” news.

The bad news is that I started to get tired of how ArtsyRobot was looking. It was overcrowded and bulky, and it was starting to affect how I looked at the blog. So I ended up changing themes. How do you guys like it? I’m really excited and happy with how it has changed, though it still feels like it’s missing something. Is there anything I need to add to it? I can’t decide if I want a banner or not for this new theme. Which if I decide that I do, I will probably make a new and improved design.

Which leads me to my good news. I can’t really go into too much detail right now, but what I can say is that big things are happening! I’ll give you a hint, which might not be too much of a surprise, but it deals with boardgames!

The “nice to know” news is that I have realized that I have a problem. My new bedroom apartment is stuffed with fabric, crafts, and art supplies! I can barely get to my bed with how much stuff I’ve collected! So for the next few crafting projects I plan to try to use up some of my supplies before I buy more stuff. Except for next week, because I am going to a birthday party this weekend and I made a craft that is so adorable I couldn’t stop myself from writing a blog post about it. Do you have any ideas for what types of plushies I should try to make? I’m thinking of doing some halloweeny styled ones, since we’re so close to the holiday.

As always, thank you guys for listening to my ramblings! If you have any thoughts or questions, comment below!

May you have a great fall weekend! Okay, it’s not fall yet, technically, but it feels like it where I’m at. Bye!

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