Blog Update

Monthly Round-Up: November 2015

Oh man! The month of December is flying by! I can’t believe I took this long to finally post the monthly round-up! Okay, maybe a little. It’s been a busy month, as it usually is. December is the time for family get together, holidays, and getting excited for a new year. But, for a moment, I would like to look back at last month’s post and see what improvement, if any, has happened.

We started off the month with a special collection of all of my Inktober drawings. Man, it’s already been two months since I did that. Crazy.

I also started posting some behind-the-scenes type posts for my new YouTube segment, Boards and Crafts, and my at the time latest treat, Arkham Horror Cookies.

The one-year anniversary of this blog, was, well is, amazing. I can’t believe that I’ve been doing this for over a year now. Maybe sometime in the future I will redo some of my old projects to see if I have improved.

I got to play around with using mixed medias, and I got to say that it’s probably my favorite way to create stuff. I hope to do some more of this style soon.

I also started a big project of de-cluttering my apartment, which has kinda been put on a stand still because of my classes. The first step I’m taking is organizing my bookshelf. So far I have been able to read two books, but I ended up buying three at a local bookstore. He needed the support because he is the first used bookstore in my area, and I want to see him thrive. So it was worth it, even if it set me back on my way to de-cluttering.

For thanksgiving, I decided to draw a little turkey, and made it to where the outline is online for anyone who would like a coloring page.

Wow. So it’s been a crazy month for me, and I can’t wait to see what December holds as well! How was your month?

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