Blog Update

Monthly Round-Up: January 2016

Hello everyone!

It’s time again to look back on this past month and see what all I have been up to! We started the month off with some do-it-yourself Love Letter Tokens! These were really fun to make and really only took a couple hours to create!

For the past couple of months I have been playing a D&D campaign with a group of my friends, and this past month we finally got to see our big bad! At least that’s what we’re lead to believe…His name is Alchoir, and as soon as I heard my fiance (who happens to be the Dungeon Master) explain this characters design, I had to draw him. I used a different technique, which I explain into a little further detail in the post about.

Later in the month I got some free time to work on decorating a mesh pencil holder with some embroidery thread I had lying around. It was a great way to use the thread up since I had no other projects planned for it. Though it was only a baby step, I’m now one step closer to completing my Big Project of Minimalism through being Frugal. I need to find a shorter name for that project… but still. To help clean up my apartment I brought the holder to work, where it now sits beside our lucky 8 ball. Already my lab feels a little brighter with this addition. 12620666_10204172574592957_1447864544_o

Right before the month ended, I mentioned that I have a lot of big projects planned ahead for me. So I’m going to take inconsistentsea‘s great advice and try to write up some work in progress posts as I go along. I’m hoping that writing these posts will help me understand my process as well. We’ll see.

Thank you guys for a month of being awesome! Let’s see what February brings us!

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