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Monthly Round-Up: February 2016

It’s time for another Monthly Round-Up! I feel like winter barely even arrived in my area and now we’re headed to spring. I mean, sure, my area had a couple of snow storms, but after last years snow that got me out of school for two weeks. This winter has felt mild.

Which now that I have a pup, who has grown in size and energy. She’s like an energizer bunny. Though sometimes she completely exhausts herself to the point of sleeping hours on end. Anyways, now that I have a pup, I go outside more than I use to so I can say from the weather I had to walk her in that we definitely had winter. It was just short.

What’s Happened On the Blog?

This month started off with a collaboration with one of the coolest guys I’ve met, Andy Jewett. We played a game of Telestrations, but added the twist that whatever phrase we picked we had to draw. We ended up with “Cursed Dice” and I love the results.

It took a bit, but I finally completed a silly doodle I thought of while scrolling through Pinterest. I saw a cute little Winnie the Pooh doodle, and with my mind completely on Star Wars at the time, that helped inspire me to do some crossover fanart.

A couple of my posts this month were about a side project I’ve been working on since…October, I think? Hopefully I’ll be able to complete the project soon and be able to write all the details about it in a post. 🙂

This month I also started another pet project. This one is to help my friends be able to visualize their D&D characters in exchange for helping us be able to get supplies for the campaigns. I think I have four or five pet projects now going on? Yeesh. I wish I had enough time to just constantly work on them. But alas, my love for science gets in the way.

Something new I tried at the end on the month was creating a speed paint video of how I digitally colored a sea creature doodle I posted on Instagram a while back. I really enjoyed the process, but I don’t know if I’ll always have time to make one.

The last post of the month was an alternative I found for reusing colored coloring pages as bookmarks instead of just throwing them away when you’re done. These can be great gifts to friends and family, or your local book club. I don’t know if libraries will take them, but if you work at a library this could also be a fun craft for a summer program.

What’s Happened on Youtube?

Well, two new board game blender segments came out this past month. The first segment of the month was “It Takes TWO.” In my segment I created do-it-yourself Love Letter Tokens. The second segment of the month was “Designer Collaborations” where I created cool mini chests out of Altoid tins. The other contributors also has awesome segments this month!

On my personal channel for Boards and Crafts, I finally uploaded my DIY Betrayal Clothespin and DIY Gloom Dry-Erase Board tutorials. If everyone has had a chance to watch my segments, you might realize that I’m ever behind on my own channel. But I’m slowly catching up, and hopefully soon I’ll be able to create orginial content for that channel. Fingers crossed anyways.

How was your past month? Were you able to complete any of your pet projects? Did any of the blog posts inspire you? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you guys for reading! I’m sorry this was such a long post, it was a fun month for me!


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