Blog Update

Monthly Round-Up: March 2016

Hello! How is everyone doing on this lovely April Fools Day?!

Don’t worry, I have never been great with pranks…I always take them a little too far…so today I thought I would do a monthly round-up of what has happen this past month here on the blog, and other places on the internet!

What’s Happened On The Blog?

At the beginning of March I finally finished a pet project I’ve had for a while now. A friend of mine kept encouraging me when I was feeling down about keeping this blog going, and so I wanted to draw her cat in my kinda-zentangle style as a thank you for her encouragements.


Then I started working on and completed a character a friend created for a D&D campaign.  He was fun to create because I had interacted in the game with this character and getting the chance to draw him to life was a thrill! (To say the least, I didn’t think he looked like what I ended up drawing him as.)

I finally started working on a drawing of Argent Adept, a character from Sentinels of the Multiverse. I have learned a lot already from this little project, especially because I’ve never drawn someone from that pose before. Hopefully he’ll be finished soon. *crosses fingers*

The biggest project I’m working on, going from my cluttered life to becoming a minimalist while being frugal, has been a slow ride. Recently I had a kinda setback on this project. My parents needed me to clean my old home in their house so that they could renovate it, and I ended up with three boxes of books coming home with me to my apartment….I’m such a book hoarder.

On the plus side though, I shared earlier this week some “silent rules” I’ve learned about being on social media. I also threw in a sneak peek for something I’ve been working on for the blog in this post as well. 🙂

What Happened On YouTube?

Two Board Game Blender videos came out this month on the Dice Tower. In the first video was themed “Fantastic Worlds,” and for my segment I created and showed how you too could make your own Troll Swill, inspired by Red Dragon Inn. The second video was themed “Spring has Sprung.” For it, I designed some flower pots inspired by the game Takenoko, which is one of the cutest and beautifully colored games I’ve seen.

On my own channel for Boards & Crafts, my recipe for Dice Krispies was loaded. If anyone has had a chance to watch my segments on Board Game Blender, you might have noticed that I’m very behind on my own channel. However, I am catching up, and have some great new video ideas for the channel that will be coming soon!


Did any of the blog posts inspire you? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading!

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