Aries-The First Sign of the Zodiac

When I was younger, I had a bedtime. Most kids do, and my parents made sure to enforce this. However, there were some nights that my parents would treat me and my brother to going to our local state park and watching the stars at night. As we watched the stars dance, they would tell us about how our ancestors would do the same and see stories in the stars. Each star had something to tell, some forgotten, some of those tales still loved by many. My mom loved Greek culture so I knew more about their lore then others as she told me their tales under the starry night. Like, for example, the tell of the Golden fleece Aries had and the stories related to this constellation.

AriesSoon I became fascinated by astrology. The idea that the alignment of the stars and our planets determined our personalities intrigued me. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. So I guess it’s very appropriate that start doodling zodiac signs with this one. 🙂

I can contest that some of my friends born under Aries are very similar to what astrology says their personalities should be like. They very much enjoy being the first of the group to do something, and are blunt with their thoughts. That being said, I also have friends that don’t fit in completely with these thoughts at all…but they do have a few of the traits expected of them based of astrology.

How about you? Do you fit with your zodiac?



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