Blog Update

Monthly Round-Up: April 2016

Hi everybody! How did April treat you?

Hopefully good, and if not then it was hopefully a month where you made progress towards your goals. 🙂 I fit more in the latter category of these two, but hey. Not every month is going to be dramatically positive. Got have some negative days to make the good ones shine a little brighter.

Anyways, it’s time again to look back on the past month and see what’s been going on here on the blog, and other places on the internet!

What Happened on the Blog?

Not much honestly. It’s been very busy behind the scenes, as I only posted three items this month on here! I created the first sign of the horoscopes as a human. It was fun practice, so I will probably try to do the rest of them as well. If you follow my instagram, you might have seen the first rough draft of the next one I plan to work on. I’m going to try to do a speed paint for all of them, but we’ll see if I remember to actually do it.

This month one of my favorite holidays happened, Earth Day! So at the beginning of the week I created a list of crafts I done on the blog that are helpful to the environment in some shape or form. On Earth Day I posted a long rambling of why I think Upcycling is important. Which is probably one of the most opinionated posts I’ve ever written on here…

What Happened on YouTube?

This month I went a little crazy and created three segments for the Dice Tower. At the very beginning of the month I participated in The Blender’s Best of the Month video, where those who create segments for Board Game Blender talk about their favorite game that’s new to them that month.

The themes for Board Game Blender this month included “Be Civilized!” and “Pillage & Plunder.” In Be Civilized I create a fun pizza snack inspired by meeples, while in Pillage & Plunder we created a Soulbond Charm inspired by one of the cards in Skulldug.

I also participated in my first Live Stream at RollnMoveReviews! I never thought I would have the chance to do something this awesome with such cool people. (Here’s a link to Kirk’s Youtube channel ( , as well as Georgie’s (

On my own channel, I finally uploaded my DIY Coaster Tokens. I’m probably going to have a week sometime in the future to finally just catch up and post all of my old content that way we can move on to new stuff for the channel. Oh I’m so excited!


Thank you all for reading/watching, and May the force be with you this month! 😉

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