Waste Not Book Challenge

If you’re a book lover who wants to gets those “I’ll eventually read it” books off your bookshelf, this is the challenge for you!

Collection of books

There are many book lovers that walk into a bookstore thinking they’ll only window shop and leave hours later with a bag full of books. They put their new book on a shelf, promising themselves that eventually all of the books will be read. Instead they sit there for months on end, and end up adding to the clutter of the living space, and eventually thrown into a Goodwill bag.

I know because I’m one of them.

Book hoarder.jpg
My collection at the moment.

But recently I’ve decided to try a different method. I want to try to find a way to use all the products I’ve spent money on and slowly clean up my apartment. In other words, not waste money I’ve already invested in.

I’ve been reading this one book, Academ’s Fury, for a couple months now. It’s not that I find the book difficult to read, I just keep putting it down. I get distracted with other projects, and don’t remember it until a couple weeks later. Does anyone else have this problem?

If so, then this challenge might be right for you. It was created to help myself and anyone who would like to join read through their long list of unread books, or any book lovers that are trying to clean up their house.

Sounds fun? Here’s how the challenge will go:

  • Read each day, even if it’s just a page. This challenge is to help you get through all those books you would love to read but haven’t got a chance to. I know for myself, sometimes all I need to get a into a book is to get a couple pages into it, and so I’m hoping this will help encourage the start of reading through all those books!
  • Figure Out What To Do With The Book. For example, if there’s a book with a great story, or is a helpful reference, it can be kept on the bookshelf. However, the rest of the books will be passed on. Whether it’s to a friend, Goodwill, a bookstore, or the library will depend on the book.
  • Save A Quote. Sometimes while reading a book there’s that one line or phrase that just really makes you feel emotional and/or connected with the author. Saving these quotes and writing it in calligraphy, overlaying the quote over a picture, or just sharing it with friends and family to encourage them to read the book (or maybe strike up a conversation) can be fun. This is an optional part of the challenge, but I encourage everyone to try with at least one book you plan on reading!


There are so many ways to go about doing this challenge! Below is a list of a few ideas of how to keep track of your progress.

  • Goodreads. This website has a fun app to help you keep progress with how far you’ve completed a book.
  • Quotable. Each time you complete a book you share a quote.
  • Checklist. Create a list of all the books you want to read on your shelf and mark it off whenever you finish reading it.
  • Picture Perfect. At the end of each month, or even just whenever you finish a book, take a picture of your progress. It could be a stack of completed books, a bookmarked page to visually see your progress, or whatever your imagination decides! Create a file on your computer to store these pictures, or share your photo with us at the start of each month.

Monthly Round-Up.

This challenge will go from June 21st, the first full day of Summer, to September 21, the last full day. At the beginning of each month, maybe that first Saturday, I’ll create a community discussion for the challenge here on the blog. On this post we can share our progress, talk about why we love the book we’ve been reading, share quotes, etc.

As far as other social medias, are there any sites you would like to see a community discussion appear on?

The whole goal of this challenge is to help clear up your bookshelf of those books you want to read but never get a chance to. Whether you complete one book or fifty books by the end of this, you’ve still won because you’re one step closer to getting through your list!

How Do I Join?

You can e-mail at or comment below if you would like to be added to the list! (Please note that you don’t have to be on the official list to participate.) If you would like to share your success, use the hashtag #WNRC, or #wastenotreadingchallenge and tag me in it because I would love to share your success with you!

Instagram Version.jpg

2 thoughts on “Waste Not Book Challenge”

  1. Count me in! This is totally for me. I have seen some bullet journalers draw the spines of books like on a bookshelf and then colour them in and write in titles as they complete books as a visual tracker.


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