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Monthly Round-Up: May 2016

This month was good. There’s no other way to put it. I got all of my craft supplies organized, and my work desk is actually clean enough for me to work on it! There’s already a change in how I’m working on my crafts and art. It’s so much easier to stay focus on it.

I got the chance to go watch Captain America, and goodness. It was a good movie. Of course, I don’t keep up with Marvel as much as I do DC comics. However, with that being said, I love a good story, and this one adds a lot of good stuff to the Movie Marvel universe. Especially the best version of Spiderman I’ve seen that’s live-action. (Definitely inspired by Ultimate Spiderman.)

However, there was some bad news. I don’t know if it was because we had so many campaigns (four different sessions each week) but a lot of my D&D campaigns got cancelled or put on break. I think having too many characters to focus on, maybe having the same friend group in almost every one of them, or both, where the reason it all came chasing down. Honestly I think it’s a good thing that we decided to take a break.

What’s Happening on the Blog?

A lot more than last months round-up. I created some of my first print-offs for Board Game Blender and shared them here to create some Sushi-Go! Thumbtacks! Since I posted this part of the project, I went on and posted the second part of this project, a Sushi-Go! inspired corkboard.

I decided to do something new for the blog this month, and announced a Summer Reading project called Waste Not Reading Challenge. It’s a great way to encourage yourself to read those books that have been collecting on your bookshelf.

The latest piece in my Sentinels of the Multiverse fan art wish list was completed, which was Argent Adept rocking out!  I also completed doodling the second zodiac, Taurus!

I also showed how to create a beautiful card out of a finished coloring page.

And then, at the end of the month, I got a little personal and shared a piece of advice that really hit home for me.


What’s Happening on YouTube?

As mentioned earlier, I created two segments for the Dice Tower this month. One was for their “Food Glorious Food” theme in which I created Sushi-Go! Thumbtacks. The other one was “Was Just for Kids” and I created a corkboard to go along with the Thumbtacks made earlier in the month.

Not much happened on my own channel. Actually, nothing happened on my channel…I’m going to try to fix this.

How did May treat you? Anything exciting happen?

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