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Monthly Round-Up: September 2016

Hi everyone!

How are you? Hopefully this past month has been good to you. For me, it’s been busy though you probably couldn’t tell from how I’ve only put up…one post this month!?

What have I been up to?

What’s Happened on the Blog?

I created a second update for the Waste Not Reading Challenge. I learned a lot from trying to run this, one of which being that I got to find more time to put into it then I had this past year. But, I do appreciate all those who tried it for yourselves! I finished three books because of it! How did you do if you participated?

Even though the challenge officially ended, I plan to keep doing for the rest of the year. If you would like to keep up with me, go check out my Goodreads. I can’t say that their the best books, or your favorite genre, but if you ever want to talk about a good book you’ve read, I am here. 🙂

What’s Happened Elsewhere?

Well, I created a Redbubble account. It’s barely started, but I plan to create some designs for the account here soon that are similar to the patterned animals I’ve created on here and more!



About halfway through the month I also went and participated in a local festival with my mom. It was nice getting to hang out like we did when I was younger. You can even see some of my old paintings below that I was selling there. We talked to beautiful people about everything. From comics to Cherokee culture. It was fantastic!


On YouTube, I got to be a contributor on Board Game Blender and created a Forbidden Dessert based off the game Forbidden Desert!


I almost forgot, I also acquired my first art tablet! Here’s a quick doodle I created with it, trying out digital pastels. I can’t wait to create more designs with it!

Speedpaint 9-23-2016.jpg

That’s about it for me for this past month. Thank you all for reading, and have a great day!

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