Blog Update

Monthly Round-Up-November 2016

‘Tis the season for WordPress to bring snow to the blogs! Or is mine the only one that does that? I honestly don’t know, I remember setting it up but beyond that I don’t remember many details.

And along with the snow it means that another month has come and gone. Meaning that it’s time for another lovely round-up of what all has been happening this past month on the blog and beyond.

What’s Happened On the Blog?

Prepping on drawing an Inktober post.

I’ve been trying to improve my skills in creating videos, so a lot of this month’s posts had a video in it. The first one was a round-up of my Inktober creations, and I went a little more in detail about my personal challenges with Inktober in the post.

There was also a post about what I found to be the secret to minimalizing for me…though right now I’m starting to see my old habits coming back (mainly with craft projects). But it’s not as bad as it use to be, so that’s a plus.

Then I tried a challenge from the YouTube world and tried to draw Frisk from Undertale in 15 minutes.


The last post of the month was an announcement of sorts of me trying out streaming on Twitch. So far I’ve been having a blast doing the streams, though I am having some difficulties with planning good times to stream. Which for anyone who has followed this blog for a while will know that that’s probably not too surprising. (What can I say, everyone has room for improvement.)

What’s Been Happening Elsewhere?

I’ve still been doing segments of Boards & Crafts on the Board Game Blender, and hopefully I’ll have some of the more recent ones uploaded on my own personal channel later this week as well as blog posts on my website for it. *fingers crossed*

As mentioned earlier, I created a stream channel where I am at the moment playing Stardew Valley and create art (that you might eventually see here on the blog).

Other than that, things are pretty chill as I prep for the holiday season.


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