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Monthly Round-Up: January 2017

Oh man, it’s so exciting to type that “2017” bit. It’s a new year, a new hope, a new time to work on new projects, and finish old ones. So as we look back on the past month, don’t forget that the year still has a lot of surprises waiting in store for us.

What’s Happened On The Blog?

I was pretty excited to start my new year’s resolution, and wrote a quick post on here about my plans for it.

Later that week I tried out an app called “What to Draw” and ended up getting inspired to create a dungeons and dragons inspired drawing. The whole project was eye opening because I tried a new art style that has helped me improve my speed in drawing. Also, later in the month I explained the process I went through to create my Witchsona.

And since it was the start of a new year, I tried out some new art supplies, and have been using these supplies all month, and probably will restock some of them when they run out.

Then we got serious and I talked for a bit about what has inspired my art. Because though it’s not something that seems important, this topic is something to delve into when you’re wanting to create a career in art. (Remember that New Year’s Resolution I mentioned earlier?)

And lastly, I mentioned a new art challenge I created for myself and anyone who wants to join, the emotion challenge. It’s true that this challenge has been out for a while, but I realized I have issues with this, and wanted to expand my knowledge with it

What’s Happening Beyond the Blog?

As I mentioned earlier, I am working on a daily challenge that is being posted on my Instagram account, @artsyrobotz, where I try to draw emotions.

I have a sister site that I created called Boards & Crafts, for all stuff related to boardgames. Including my segments on The Dice Tower’s Board Game Blender.

On Mondays I stream over on twitch while I play at the moment Stardew Valley.

Finally, a quick update on my new year’s resolution: I’m working on expanding my redbubble store’s stock, and even participated in Redbubble’s Digital Sticker Challenge. Even though it wasn’t in the top ten, one of my sitckers will be in their digital sticker collection that will be in the Apple App Store.

If you would like to check out my Redbubble shop, it would be greatly appreciated. (Or click here -> )

Renaissance Garnet (A piece done on Twitch)

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