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Monthly Round-Up: February 2017

Hello March! Before we can get into new and exciting things this month holds for us, let’s look back on what happened this past month on the blog and beyond!

What Happened On The Blog?

At the beginning of the month I shared with y’all how to create your own notebooks covers by adding a coloring book page to the front to show off your beautiful work!

That next week I showcased my latest art media combination that I’m in love with by creating a Patterned Kitsune. The video unfortunately messed up in the process of being uploaded, but with a new video editing software I’m sure the next one will turn out great!

And then I started a mini series of blog posts talking about Applying the Scientific Method to Art Studies. Which, on that note, if you have any questions/suggestions for future content for me to talk about with combining science and art, please let me know!

widescreen-kitsuneAlso, the blog got +5 Charisma for getting an upgrade on its appearance this month! It now looks like a more professional website…kinda. The logos and some minor details need to be fixed, but it’s getting there!


What Happened Elsewhere?

Boards & Crafts had a few segments on the Dice Tower‘s Board Game Blender this past month, which is a collection of contributors talking about board games matching that week’s theme. I also created some blog posts to help further explain any questions that might arise from my segments, and extended versions of my segments can be found on my Boards & Crafts YouTube channel.

I also got to guest post on Freelance Knights blog and got to share one of my favorite treats I make before a game night, Lemon Poppy Seed Mini-Muffins! It’s part of his latest blog series, #GamingGastronomy, which is about a variety of people from the gaming community coming together to share their favorite recipes for game night!

Future Plans!?

I found a wedding venue! Okay, my mom actually had to pick it out since I’m ten hours away from where I want to hold the wedding…but still! The fun part of creating decorations and DIYing is about to begin. Would y’all be interested in me creating some How-To’s of some of the creations? Let me know in the comments below!

Or do you have any thoughts or recommendations for future blog posts? Maybe a guest blog post?

If you would like to show some love and support, please check out my Redbubble shop. Or maybe buy me a cup of coffee? Your support from buying from me helps me keep improving and creating content for y’all without having to worry about the bills. 

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