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Monthly Round-Up: March 2017

This past month flew by faster than I thought! It’s almost half-way through April and I’m just now starting my look back at March. Well, we might as well get started on the throwback so that we can start our new adventures in April!

What Happened On The Blog?

Earlier in the month I shared my art studio. It’s small and cozy, but it’s my own space where I can escape and create!

Then for the first time on the blog, I joined the blogging community Geek Blogs Unite on their first topic week which was focused on celebrating the Happiest Place On Earth! ( <-Click that link to explore the other bloggers and their content.) For my contribution, I shared my favorite Disney Crossover and fan-art I created of Belle.

I had so much fun working with the other bloggers in this community! I look forward to seeing what we all create for the next topic week, Between the Pages! (Which is actually happening this week, so stay tuned!)

After the excitement of joining a blogging community, I decided to get serious and share how I use Pinterest to create Mood Boards for my projects. At the very least, it a good way to help you start rounding up ideas for a project you’re about to start working on.

But before the month ended, I squeezed in one more post. The Gamer Tag is a tag for any geeky blogger who would like to share their experiences with video games. I learned a lot about myself with this tag, so I’m really happy I took on the challenge!

What Happened Elsewhere?

Boards & Crafts had a few segments on the Dice Tower‘s Board Game Blender this past month, which is a collection of contributors talking about board games matching that week’s theme. I am a little behind on creating extended versions for my blog and YouTube, but I plan to post them soon!

Thank you for reading!

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