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Monthly Round-Up: April 2017

Oh wow…another month has flown by! Well, let’s just go ahead and jump into the monthly roundup!

What’s Happened On The Blog?

This month’s Geek Blogs Unite community topic was Between the Pages. There have been three books that have stuck with me and have shaped my outlook on life that I shared as my contribution.

Also, this month we got exciting news that Invader Zim was getting another season on Nickelodeon. This fun, quirky cartoon is one of my favorites so I’m excited that the creators got another chance to expand the world of Invader Zim. The actual release date is still unannounced as far as I know, but hey! It’s coming back, and that’s what is important. IMG_20170418_120830704


Sneak Peek Into Next Month…

This next month I get to head back home to work on wedding plans and a promised project I’ve put off for far too long…

So, to make sure that May is not as dry as April was, I’ll be participating in a series of blog posts that are inspired by the blogging community and their geeky post prompts. I hope you’ll join me in geeking out this upcoming month!


Thank you for reading!

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