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Monthly Round-Up: October 2017

Hi everyone!

This month, like them all, flew by faster than I expected! In this monthly round-up I want to reflect on what’s happened this past month here with ArtsyRobotz, and beyond! So let’s get started!

In The Journal:

I shared my favorite Inktober Art Supplies. Which, after doing the challenge this year, I’ve decided that I want to expand to trying ink bottles because you can layer and have more shading with it.

I also have an Inktober Round-Up of all the pieces I completed this year. And yes, I did fail the challenge. I’ll admit my defeat with only completing 8 out of the 31 pieces. But! I really love all the suggestions you gave me, so I planning a future project to use them in that’ll have similar rules.

On The Interwebs:

I had the honor of working with Greater Than Games, LLC. to create the artwork for their game Lost In The Woods which is the prequel story to their game currently on Kickstarter, Legends of Sleepy Hollow.

We reached a milestone on Twitter! WHOO! 500 of you lovelies follow my random adventures on there, so to celebrate I’m working on a project that, unfortunately, requires more research than I expected. But fear not! I’ll keep my promise and finish these beauties soon!

All of the Throwback Thursday posts for the transition to put all craft projects on Boards & Crafts has been completed! If you would like to see the projects that started all of this, head over to the link up above to check them out!

There have been a new piece added to my Redbubble shop! This patterned unicorn is inspired by the State Library Victoria and Redbubble’s call to create art history.

CreateArtHistory Unicorn
Entry for Redbubble/State Library Victoria Contest to #CreateArtHistory

This Next Month’s Missions:

Inspired by some of my fellow geek blogs from the community Geek Blogs Unite, I would like to add this section to the Monthly Round-Up. Each month I want to share a list of “missions” (which are really goals) that I would like to complete. I’m hoping by letting you know my plans, I might become more efficient in achieving them. So this month we’re going to experiment and see how many goals I can complete in the span of a month!

  • One blog post a week on ArtsyRobotz and Boards & Crafts. As you know, I forget my blogs when life gets crazy for me. I want to become better at being consistent on both of these, so I want to start simple and go from there. If things work out, I’ll have 8 blog posts done this month.
  • Create Fun D&D sessions. I’m a player and dungeon master at the moment. So I need to take a lot more time to prep for these sessions then I’m use to. So I’m hoping to make each session a memorable, fun experience.
  • Add Artwork to My Redbubble and Society6 Shop. I have a collection of pieces that I’ve been wanting to add to my shops and have not gotten around to them. If I am successful, I’ll have at least two collections in each shop that has a variety of pieces.
  • Prep for a Trip To My Hometown. It’s been over six months since I’ve seen my friends and family back home, so we’re planning a trip back. I’m so excited to see everyone, but for the blog and beyond, this means I have to prep a bit. (Something that has major room for improvement for me.)

How about you? How has the past month treated you? What are your missions for this next month? If you have a blog and create a post in response to this, please share a link in the comments cause I would love to read it!

Until next time,


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