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February Emotion Challenge Prep for 2018

Last year I shared some of the prep for a challenge I planned to partake in during February called the Emotion Challenge. The goal was to create a portrait of different characters with varying expressions to improve my skills in being dynamic with my drawings. Around day 11 of the challenge, I stopped. Overall, it was a failure because I did not complete it, though some of my favorite portraits are in this collection from what was created.

However! That failure is not going to stop me from trying again this year. I plan to do something different though from the last time I tried this. This time I’m sticking to one character like the other versions of this prompt suggests. (Check out Hopefully this will help me be able to draw a character more consistently, and by working with a similar face I can improve the expressions.

It took a bit, but as I was pondering which character to do this challenge with, my current D&D character kept coming to my mind. Her name is Alavara Draxid, a Sun Elf Sorceress. So after this challenge I’ll hopefully have a better understanding of elven anatomy as well, which I’m sure will come in handy later.

Original Emotion Challenge Post

What Are The Rules of This Challenge?

  • Each day, draw a character with a different emotion.
  • Share your progress however is comfortable with you.

That’s it really. Simple enough. The list I created above is the collection of emotions I’m going to try to figure out how to draw again this year. I haven’t decided if I’ll be sharing through Instagram stories or just a post, but I’ll definitely be sharing the progress through that social media. At the end of each week, I plan to share an update here of my progress as well.

It would be such a blast to have you join me! Share where you plan to post your progress in the comments below, or keep an eye out for the round-up post I plan to make at the end of February/early March and share your finish collection there as well!

Thank you all for reading,

Jessi, the ArtsyRobotz


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