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Monthly Round-Up: January 2018

January has always been a weird month for me. After the chaos of December with lots of holiday activities, I feel a need to almost hibernate and recharge before really getting into the new year. Does anyone else feel this way?

Most days this past month were filled with me snuggling up in my warmest clothes while I worked on my latest projects. Today I would like to take a look back and see what has been accomplished this past month, because I think it’s nice to review what was accomplished, what failed, and how to learn from it.

So before we fully jump into February, here’s what happened this past month:

In The Journal

This year I tried to used this month to prep and organize my thoughts before I got lost in the feeling of wanting to do everything! After finding a process that worked for myself last year, I wanted to share how I make New Year’s Resolutions here as well as some of my goals.

All of my resolutions are still a work in progress, but I have been taking baby steps to completing them. Except for working out, which I need to get more on top of. I have an official portfolio now that I’m starting to fill over on Artstation. If you get a chance, there are a lot of artists over there sharing their work, from official Horizon Zero Dawn Concept Art to Magic the Gathering. It’s a beautiful site.

About halfway through the month I shared an Octopus Coloring Page that’s great for practicing coloring or just coloring to relax. That next Monday we talked about The Last Jedi’s Porg, which I made some fanart of, as well as a quick review of the movie.

The last journal entry of January was prep for the Emotion Challenge, which I’ve already started on and I’m hoping to actually complete this year.

On My “Sister” Site:

Over on Boards & Crafts I shared the prep work and finished craft projects used for my wedding’s decorations.

In The Shop:

I was lucky enough to complete two different designs for my shops:

Society 6 Octopoda Monthly Round-up
Octopoda on a Biker Tank, Studio Pouch, and Notebook from Society6
Redbubble Elegant Cat Monthly Round-up
An Elegant House Cat on Studio Pouches from Redbubble

I had a lot of fun completing both of these designs, and hopefully will get the chance to complete more like it this month.

Goals for February:

The best way to complete my resolutions is to split up the goals throughout the months of the year. Though I have some other goals as well for this month, on stuff that though useful, is not per se related to the resolutions::

  • Create 4 more pieces for my portfolio.
  • Share 4 posts on Boards & Crafts.
  • Share (at least) 4 posts of my journey in this journal.
  • Workout 3 times a week.
  • Complete the Emotion Challenge (I.E. 28 drawings).
  • Complete my commissions.
  • Setup a plan for a secret project.
  • No Spending Extra on Wants this Months. (I’m joining Barb from You Fancy Me Mad in her no spend month!)

That’s a lot to take on this month for me, and I already am feeling overwhelmed with my daily life and the need to complete all of this. As it’s well-known, I like to take on more projects than I can chew. So this will get interesting to see where it goes.

How about you? What are your goals for this next month? Feel free to share your monthly round-ups in the comments below as well.

Ta-Ta For Now,

Jessi, the ArtsyRobotz

P.S. If you have questions or thoughts for posts you would like to see me try, I would love to hear them! Just comment below or send an e-mail my way at

P.S.S. Thank you for catching up with me!

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