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A Month Without A Laptop

My laptop died, but I think I know how to make this lemon into some great lemonade!

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Monthly Round-Up: April 2017

Oh wow...another month has flown by! Well, let's just go ahead and jump into the monthly roundup! What's Happened On The Blog? This month's Geek Blogs Unite community topic was Between the Pages. There have been three books that have stuck with me and have shaped my outlook on life that I shared as my… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: April 2017

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Monthly Round-Up: March 2017

This past month flew by faster than I thought! It's almost half-way through April and I'm just now starting my look back at March. Well, we might as well get started on the throwback so that we can start our new adventures in April! What Happened On The Blog? Earlier in the month I shared… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: March 2017

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The Gamer Tag!

Video games have been with me most of my life. They are, in my opinion, one of the best modern ways to tell a story. Though I've made a collection of crafts inspired by them, I haven't really gotten a chance to talk about my experiences with them. So when I saw Geek Girl's Guide post… Continue reading The Gamer Tag!

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Using Pinterest for Mood Boards

Mood Boards are a fantastic way to help inspire and bring together an idea. Similar to gathering references before you start writing a paper, it's a way to help bring together a project. Here are some reasons to create a mood board: Planning an event (i.e. a wedding, prom night, etc.) Designing a room. Planning… Continue reading Using Pinterest for Mood Boards

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Behind-The-Scenes: My “Art Studio”

My "Art Studio"is really just my work area. It's my little escape from the world. I'm not going to lie, most of the time it's completely a hot mess, but over the weekend I try cleaning it up and prepping it for the next week.   My desk was a gift from my fiance for… Continue reading Behind-The-Scenes: My “Art Studio”

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Monthly Round-Up: February 2017

Hello March! Before we can get into new and exciting things this month holds for us, let's look back on what happened this past month on the blog and beyond! What Happened On The Blog? At the beginning of the month I shared with y'all how to create your own notebooks covers by adding a… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: February 2017

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Applying the Scientific Method To Art Studies

I've finally taken the jump, and have decided to explore how to combine art and science. If you follow my Something Called Science sister site (or would it be called a daughter site?) you might have seen my latest post with the picture below: Which shows most of the steps included in working with the scientific method.… Continue reading Applying the Scientific Method To Art Studies

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Monthly Round-Up: January 2017

Oh man, it's so exciting to type that "2017" bit. It's a new year, a new hope, a new time to work on new projects, and finish old ones. So as we look back on the past month, don't forget that the year still has a lot of surprises waiting in store for us. What's… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: January 2017

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February Art Challenge: Emotions

I guess most people feel this way about any skill they're working on, but I've had a mental list of what I need to improve upon as an artist for a while now. It is probably a mile long...okay, that's a little dramatic, but still...it's a long list. Some artists on the internet have thought of… Continue reading February Art Challenge: Emotions