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Draw This In Your Style || Brian Serway

My entry for Brian Gerway's Draw This In Your Style Challenge over on Instagram.

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2018 Inktober Round-Up

Inktober is finished! This year I followed the official prompt list. But I did it with the twist of it being a collection of magic users! From a polymorph chicken to a bard dancing in the night! Here's my results: With a grand total of 15/31 days, I feel pretty happy with my results! Which one… Continue reading 2018 Inktober Round-Up

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Casual MerMay Collection 2018

Oh goodness has it been a hot minute. I've got a lot of catching up to do. Let's start with MerMay, which was an absolute blast to partake in! This challenge, as probably guessed from the title of it, is about drawing merfolk in May. It's a fun way to help transition to those summer… Continue reading Casual MerMay Collection 2018

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February Emotion Challenge Prep for 2018

Last year I shared some of the prep for a challenge I planned to partake in during February called the Emotion Challenge. The goal was to create a portrait of different characters with varying expressions to improve my skills in being dynamic with my drawings. Around day 11 of the challenge, I stopped. Overall, it… Continue reading February Emotion Challenge Prep for 2018