Articuno Sighting! (Also Known As Pokemon Go Had An Update!)

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who has game apps that just kinda stay on your phone. When you first get the app you play it constantly until the "honeymoon" phase ends. You know you'll pick it back up and play the app for like a week straight then not touch for… Continue reading Articuno Sighting! (Also Known As Pokemon Go Had An Update!)

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Invader Zim Is Coming Back!

Back in 2001 Nickelodeon ran a series about an alien who came to Earth with his robot to invade and conquer. This show, called Invader Zim, had an art style slightly similar to Tim Burton but still its own thing, and a plot as fun and chaotic as you would expect from Nick. Most episodes… Continue reading Invader Zim Is Coming Back!

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What I Think About Art Tablets…

I'm still new to drawing art, but after getting my first art tablet a couple weeks ago, I've noticed a few things about using it.

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An App That Can Replace Traditional Drawings

Hi y'all! Recently I've been trying to find a new way to practice my drawing, an alternative to the traditional art. My best work is when I can draw traditionally, but if you guys haven't guessed it yet, I'm not exactly the richest kid on the block. Plus, the price of killing trees for potential drawings… Continue reading An App That Can Replace Traditional Drawings

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Taurus-The Second Sign Of the Zodiac

I'm a little late with this Zodiac. I was hoping to create each one of them when they occur. In this case that would be from April 21st to May 21st. But, hey, I got it done! I think something I'm going to do with this project is use different mediums for each one. So… Continue reading Taurus-The Second Sign Of the Zodiac

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Argent Adept Rocking Out

About a year ago I started a pet project on the Sentinels of the Multiverse forums of creating fan art inspired by the creativity of the forum-ites who were game to see my take on their ideas. Below is the latest one I've completed. This version of Argent Adept is a title in the title… Continue reading Argent Adept Rocking Out


Aries-The First Sign of the Zodiac

When I was younger, I had a bedtime. Most kids do, and my parents made sure to enforce this. However, there were some nights that my parents would treat me and my brother to going to our local state park and watching the stars at night. As we watched the stars dance, they would tell us about how… Continue reading Aries-The First Sign of the Zodiac


Creating Sterling Allion

Hello! Some might remember that a few weeks ago I started a new pet project. It was a fundraiser to help raise some money for my gaming group to be able to get the latest book for our D&D group. As soon as I mentioned the idea, a friend of mine literally slapped money of the… Continue reading Creating Sterling Allion


How I Say Thanks to A Kind Friend

Hello everyone! Last month I posted a couple work in progress posts about this project, and can finally say I finished it. It was around Halloween that I came up with this idea. A friend in my research lab had encouraged me to follow my passion for this blog and so I wanted to repay her… Continue reading How I Say Thanks to A Kind Friend


Art of the Day: Sea Creature

Hello everyone!  For today's post I wanted try something new and created a sped up video to go allow with the finished version of a doodle I posted on instagram last week. As I had mentioned in the instagram post, drawing creatures like this one really calms me down. I think it's because they are… Continue reading Art of the Day: Sea Creature