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Monthly Round-Up: March 2016

Hello! How is everyone doing on this lovely April Fools Day?! Don't worry, I have never been great with pranks...I always take them a little too today I thought I would do a monthly round-up of what has happen this past month here on the blog, and other places on the internet! What's Happened… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: March 2016


Taking Baby Steps to Becoming A Minimalist

Man, I haven't talked about this subject in a while. I think it's almost been six months since I set out to complete this. Unfortunately I have not be as productive with this project as I should be. On the plus side though, I do have a few minor updates about this. Cleaning Up The… Continue reading Taking Baby Steps to Becoming A Minimalist


How I Say Thanks to A Kind Friend

Hello everyone! Last month I posted a couple work in progress posts about this project, and can finally say I finished it. It was around Halloween that I came up with this idea. A friend in my research lab had encouraged me to follow my passion for this blog and so I wanted to repay her… Continue reading How I Say Thanks to A Kind Friend

Blog Update

Monthly Round-Up: February 2016

It's time for another Monthly Round-Up! I feel like winter barely even arrived in my area and now we're headed to spring. I mean, sure, my area had a couple of snow storms, but after last years snow that got me out of school for two weeks. This winter has felt mild. Which now that… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: February 2016


Reuse Coloring Pages: DIY Bookmarks

Hi everyone! How are you today? Today's project is one I recently started thinking about. Adult coloring books have become a huge, positive way to help de-stress after a hard day at work. I have two books gifted to me this past Christmas, and I love them! But I've been wondering, what do you do… Continue reading Reuse Coloring Pages: DIY Bookmarks


Art of the Day: Sea Creature

Hello everyone!  For today's post I wanted try something new and created a sped up video to go allow with the finished version of a doodle I posted on instagram last week. As I had mentioned in the instagram post, drawing creatures like this one really calms me down. I think it's because they are… Continue reading Art of the Day: Sea Creature

Work in Progress

WIP: Patterned Cat (Part 2)

Hello guys! I am almost done with the outline of the cat! I'm so excited that I had to share with you guys! Just a couple more sections then it's ready for some good ole coloring! I think I might try using just warm colors for this piece, since I never work with such colors.… Continue reading WIP: Patterned Cat (Part 2)

Work in Progress

WIP: New Pet Project

Hello! Hope everyone's having a good week so far! How are your pet projects coming along? Hopefully they're going awesomely, but if not, don't fret. I've learned that most of the time mistakes help make the project more unique and personal. 🙂 Speaking of pet projects, I haven't completed my patterned cat from last weeks work in progress… Continue reading WIP: New Pet Project

Work in Progress

WIP: Patterned Cat (Part 1)

I don't have much to post today. Just a quick screenshot of one of my works in progress. I'm almost done with the outline, and will hopefully start the coloring soon. Since I do all of my digital art projects with a mouse, it takes me longer than others who have an art tablet to get these… Continue reading WIP: Patterned Cat (Part 1)

Art: Drawings and Beyond

Cursed Dice Collaboration

Hi! How is everyone doing today? I had the opportunity to do a Telestration collaboration project with Andy Jewett. Which, on the side note, you should check his website out if you ever get a chance. This guy is fantastic, and made it such a treat to work on this project. Anyways, after a couple… Continue reading Cursed Dice Collaboration