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My Little Black Pen

Have you heard about the little black dress? It has been a staple in most closets since the 1920s. One of the best versatile pieces in a wardrobe that you can dress up or down given what you need for the occasion. It's simple and yet can be the base for many great outfits. In my art… Continue reading My Little Black Pen

Food For Thought

Simple Advice Worth Remembering

I want to say that everyone has a moment of doubt. Where you're just starting to get into something your friends have done for a while. Like crafting or creating art. You see their beautiful creations and look at your....mess. It was one of your first attempts and yet it seems like pure trash compared to theirs.… Continue reading Simple Advice Worth Remembering

Food For Thought

Why Should I Care About Upcycling?

Earth Day is a great way to encourage and remind ourselves that we must work to keep the earth clean in order for it to be here for generations to come. A lot of people try encouraging that we need to go clean up lakes, and plant a tree. Though these things are important, I… Continue reading Why Should I Care About Upcycling?

Food For Thought

Childhood Essense

What is the difference between children and adults? Children live. They play and laugh whenever they can. They explore and try to learn about everything. Children are happy to be living. Childhood essence, to me, is the ability to have happiness fill your heart over the simple pleasures of life. Many adults love the idea… Continue reading Childhood Essense