Jessi fancied that she’d used her passion for wildlife and exploration in a scientific way. Maybe as a veterinarian, or a biochemist in a lab. And for a while, she followed this path to college and aimed for a biology degree.

In her spare time she’d worked on creating pieces that were inspired by geeky topics and board games. With only a few art classes from her primary and secondary school days, and the experience bestowed upon her mother working booths at art & crafts fair, she worked hard to improve her skills and share crafty projects to hopefully help others express themselves. (On this site to be exact.)

Soon months had passed with the end of her college days insight, and she found that the art she created on the blog combined her desire for storytelling and life together in a way that her biology degree could never compete with. Then, with the transition of moving from Kentucky to Texas, she found an opportunity to follow her hidden passions.

Along with her love of fairytales, folklore, and science fiction, and her newly acquired biology degree, her journey began to find her art style.

As well as her artistic influences, including Claude Monet, Hayao Miyazaki, Van Gogh, Hokusai, Lioshh, and many more she started to find a style unique to her. And a love for the multiple artistic efforts that created the artwork for Okami, Legend of Zelda (Twilight Princess & Breath of the Wild), and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Her favorite materials to use are a combination of ink, colored pencils, watercolors, and Clip Studio Paint. By combining these supplies, she creates pieces inspired by the world around her and the stories she desires to share.

Her journey is just beginning, but she has helped many with their stories. From creating emotes and sub badges to help streamer’s express themselves with their community to designing future tattoos that help express their owner’s history to creating illustrations to share the lore of a card game as it is played. She works hard to find new opportunities in the hopes to help many more stories become true, one piece at a time.

Check out the blog to follow her journey in discovering how to become a full-time artist!

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Important Information:

The posts written on this blog are inspired by my experiences and I hope what I learned from them may help you as they have helped me. I understand that not all of my opinions will be shared by everyone who reads them. I only hope that we can learn from each other’s experiences.

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  1. We’re on the same page in terms of the outlet of stress. For me my outlet is writing poems 🙂 As a kid I would always see my grandfather write novels. And then I fell in love with Economics in my first year in college 🙂 But nobody really beats your first love, so I keep coming back to writing even if I’m graduating Business Economics next year April 🙂


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    I really like your blog and what you do. That’s why I nominated you for the Liebster award! I wrote a post about it, you can find all the information on my blog 🙂

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