My Little Black Pen

Have you heard about the little black dress? It has been a staple in most closets since the 1920s. One of the best versatile pieces in a wardrobe that you can dress up or down given what you need for the occasion. It’s simple and yet can be the base for many great outfits.

In my art bin, I have my own little black dress. To be more exact, it’s a little black pen. This is the one I always turn to when I need to do anything. Whether that’s just creating a sketch or doing the ink for a big drawing. In other words, it’s the most versatile piece in my collection.

When I first got into drawing, I didn’t really understand that a good pen would be that big of a deal. If I remember correctly, the first time I saw this pen was from my friend who loved drawing. She talked it up big, explained how great it was, but at the time I had brushed it off because I was focusing on schoolwork.

A few years later, about when I started this blog, I finally decided to take her advice, and picked this from the campus store. I tried a variety of pens after that, but this one kept coming back to me as my favorite, the Faber-Castell PITT artist pen.

Prepping on drawing an Inktober post.

So What Makes This One Different?

This pen lasts a long time for the size that it is, and has shown me time and again smooth inking. Of course, that also depends on the paper I used, which is still something I’m testing out.

Other pens have dried up on me after one or two pieces, and if you’ve followed my Inktober shenanigans, this one pen has been used for all of them this month. And it’s still going. I have noticed that the paper in my sketch book is a little too rough for what I prefer, but since I’m using it for practice instead of making prints, I don’t mind.🙂

Umbreon Inktober Day 6.jpg


Do you have a “Little Black Dress” in the tools of your trade? What makes it your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading my ramblings.🙂

Have a great day!


What I Think About Art Tablets…


If y’all read last month’s round-up, you probably know that I got myself an art tablet. The actual model of it is the Wacom Intuos Draw tablet. It’s not the fanciest tablet you’ll find, but it is a great one to start off with, or so I’ve heard.

This was a big step for me, because this means that I finally feel like I need one to help further my skill in digital artwork. It might be a little crazy of a thought process, but that’s how my brain works. It’s like a leveled up.🙂

Anyways, today I would like to share what I’ve noticed in the difference between drawing with and without an art tablet.

An Art Tablet Saves Time.

Especially if you’ve never used one before like me. Below is the first piece I drew with my tablet. Those of you who use Instagram might have already seen it. It took 15 minutes to draw the sketch, and an hour and a half to draw it digitally.

First Sketch with an Art Tablet

Before the art tablet I was using a mouse, and this would’ve taken about 5
-7 hours over the course of a week working on it off and on to complete it. Why? Because in the past I would get so frustrated with how much time it would take to get one line looking like I wanted it to.

It’s Easier To Experiment With The Art Program.

I first got Clip Studio Paint last year after an artist I admire mentioned it was on sale for like $25. I couldn’t pass up the deal. When I got it digitally drawing became so much easier for me, but I was still having problems with it. I didn’t feel like I could experiment with my options in the program because of all the hours I had to put into my drawing to make me be happy with it.

For my second drawing with the tablet, I redrew a piece I had posted on my Facebook page a while back. While drawing this, I felt like I had time to experiment with the brushes to find the textures I wanted for the piece to be created.

Of course, the finished digital drawing turned out a lot different from the original sketched piece. however, this one fits spooky, scary October, so I’m happy with it. It took about two hours total to finish it. (The video above is my work on it. You can see a couple of moments when I got frustrated and just drew weird shapes to calm my nerves.)

You Have More Variability.

What I mean by that is all of the brushes I used with my mouse changed when using the art tablet. Now I can change the pressure used to draw, making the art more unique and more similar to my traditional drawing. Which I love.

(Before and After)

I’ve only been playing with my new toy for a couple of weeks now, but I can already see some improvement in my digital art, which is always nice.🙂

Have any of y’all made the transition yourself from mouse to art tablet? Got any tips for beginners? Or just a thought about this post? Please comment below.

I hope you have a great rest of the day!

Please note that this post is not sponsored, whatever products mentioned are ones I personally enjoy.


Monthly Round-Up: September 2016

Hi everyone!

How are you? Hopefully this past month has been good to you. For me, it’s been busy though you probably couldn’t tell from how I’ve only put up…one post this month!?

What have I been up to?

What’s Happened on the Blog?

I created a second update for the Waste Not Reading Challenge. I learned a lot from trying to run this, one of which being that I got to find more time to put into it then I had this past year. But, I do appreciate all those who tried it for yourselves! I finished three books because of it! How did you do if you participated?

Even though the challenge officially ended, I plan to keep doing for the rest of the year. If you would like to keep up with me, go check out my Goodreads. I can’t say that their the best books, or your favorite genre, but if you ever want to talk about a good book you’ve read, I am here.🙂

What’s Happened Elsewhere?

Well, I created a Redbubble account. It’s barely started, but I plan to create some designs for the account here soon that are similar to the patterned animals I’ve created on here and more!


About halfway through the month I also went and participated in a local festival with my mom. It was nice getting to hang out like we did when I was younger. You can even see some of my old paintings below that I was selling there. We talked to beautiful people about everything. From comics to Cherokee culture. It was fantastic!


On YouTube, I got to be a contributor on Board Game Blender and created a Forbidden Dessert based off the game Forbidden Desert!


I almost forgot, I also acquired my first art tablet! Here’s a quick doodle I created with it, trying out digital pastels. I can’t wait to create more designs with it!

Speedpaint 9-23-2016.jpg

That’s about it for me for this past month. Thank you all for reading, and have a great day!

Waste Not Reading Challenge Update 2!


WNRC Update 2!.jpg

When I started this challenge, I didn’t realize there was a huge event set for the first weekend of July, August, and September! Fourth of July, GenCon, and this month it’s Labor Day weekend! Geez, I should’ve looked at my calendar better.😀

So keeping in mind that today is the official first day of the Labor Day weekend, I would like to do a quick summary of how my progress has been going with my books.

The second book I read for this challenge was Bear Daughter by Judith Berman. Now that I’m done with it, I have started working on reading Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson. (The link is to the Amazon listing of the book.)

What have you learned from this book?

In Bear Daughter I learned a lot about the myths of west-coast Natives. Which really is exciting for me because I personally rarely see fiction written about Native culture. I love learning about Native American cultures, and so many people seem to just don’t care or want to work with it….so I really love this. Sorry, minor rant…Anyways!

In Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas, I have not really learned anything too educational. However, it has been making me feel reassured about me leaving my old job to search for a new one. So, that’s good I guess.🙂

Has the reading a page everyday helped you get into the book?

I can say that I’ve been averaging about a page a day, though I haven’t been reading everyday….but writing a reminder in my planner has been helping me a lot!


Have you changed anything about the way you’re keeping track of your progress?

Progress on Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
Reading Progress for Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas

I’ve tried adding comments, as you can see above in the Dear Daughter progress. It was fun writing my thoughts about it. However, I realized after my first one that since I am posting my progress with the books for you all would see them, I could potentially spoil a book for you. And that’s never fun.

Bear Daughter might have been the second book I read for this challenge, but it’s the first one to get 5 stars! Judith Berman did a wonderful job with this book, and is one I really recommend. This is the first book that I want to keep in my collection to share in the future with my friends and family!

Now to find a place to put it where I won’t lose it as I read through the rest of my collection.😀

How has your reading been going? Have you been able to read a page everyday? It’s never too late to join the fun!

Monthly Round-Up: August 2016


Oh dear…it seems that I went quiet for a while there. Let’s catch up real quick before we get to what I’ve been up to on the internet this month.

First off, I moved from living in an apartment to being in limbo. Well, not true limbo, but it’s the best way to explain my situation. I’ve been living with my fiance’s parents as we work through trying to setup for a future. He’s off getting training for a new job, and I’m about to leave my old one.

It’s tough writing this. I loved working in that chemistry lab, but since I’m a biologist by passion, it’s time to move on. I need to find my calling. And I think I’ve found it, but it’s going to take a bit of work in my spare time to get ready for it.

So yeah, that’s the chaos I’ve been dealing with these past months. But with the free time I’m about to get with being in a break between jobs, I plan to work hard on completing some personal projects that I’m excited to share with y’all on here!

And with that thought, let’s look back at what I’ve been up to to help improve my drawing and crafting skills!

What’s Happening On The Blog!

I found an app that I’ve really fallen in love with. It’s so easy to doodle on it. I’m going to go out and buy a stylus to help make it be easier for me to draw on it. I’m so excited to start drawing some of my projects on it! The picture for this blog post was even created with it! How cool is that?!

Lost in Purple
An example of what I was able to make with the app!

What’s Happening Elsewhere?

On Instagram I’ve started doodling some sweethearts to practice my drawing skills. I also shared a few photos of my cosplays that I wore at GenCon this year. Of course they were both different versions of Unity, one of my favorite characters from Sentinels of the Universe.🙂

Yep. That’s all I’ve been up to. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been busy…

However, I have in reference to the Waste Not Reading Challenge, completed a book and started another one. I plan to post more about this Saturday, so stay tuned!😉

Well, that’s about all I have for this monthly round-up! Thank you all for reading and may you have a great month ahead!



Simple Advice Worth Remembering

I want to say that everyone has a moment of doubt.

Where you’re just starting to get into something your friends have done for a while. Like crafting or creating art. You see their beautiful creations and look at your….mess. It was one of your first attempts and yet it seems like pure trash compared to theirs.

If you have ever had one of those moments, I want to let you know that I understand. I have had moments of doubt in my abilities when comparing them to others. There are so many talented people out in the world, that I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with the thought that I will never get to making stuff that beautiful.

Have you ever felt like that?

During one of these times of doubt, I decided to get on Pinterest. As I was scrolling through the collection of posts, I found this quote below. And it hasn’t left my life since. It was one of the best pieces of advice I had ever seen, and I wanted to share it here on the blog.


Think about it this way. It’s like a 3-year-old comparing their accomplishments to a 7-year-old. Or a tadpole comparing itself to a frog. You’re just beginning to learn the trade. With experience and hard work, you’ll reach to be their equal when comparing their middle (or when you first noticed them) to yours.

That’s the way I think about it. I will get there to being a person who can create beautiful creations, but it’ll take patience and passion. So don’t worry about being jealous or envious with how much they’ve accomplished. Just enjoy their work, support them, and use that energy otherwise wasted on negative thoughts on having fun!

This is just some food for thought I’ve been thinking about, and I wanted to share as we start our week off.🙂