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Hare Is Your Brew || Finding Your Familiar Series #2

Familiars are a witches best friend. They come in many shapes and sizes, but finding the right one can take a bit of work. That’s why today we’re going to explore one of the cleverest familiars out there!

Part 2 of the Finding Familiars Series

Rabbits are very affectionate and social souls that need a little extra care than most familiars out there. But do not let their fluffy ears and bushy tails fool you. Once bonded they are very loyal, and even known to enact destructive vengeance against anyone who steers you the wrong way.

Excerpt from Finding the Perfect Familiar For Your Lifestyle by Maria Embernewt

Along with this finished illustration, let’s take a moment to celebrate. Over on Instagram we hit a milestone of 500 followers! Now don’t get me wrong, numbers do not matter. But they are a great way of seeing that the magic is spreading and our community is growing!

I asked in my Instagram Stories how we should celebrate this moment, and a coloring page was the winner!

Be sure to download your copy here, and tag @artsyrobotz with the results over on Instagram and Ill share some of my favorites in my stories!

This post is part of the March Meet The Maker series, a prompt list created by Joanne Hawker. Come back tomorrow to see the next post in the series!


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