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My Morning Routine || March Meet The Maker DAY 6

What helps you start your day off right?

Most days look very different depending on what must be done, but the day always start about the same. There’s always a cup of caffeine, and a moment of checking in with my bullet journal to see what’s on the docket for the day. Cause one of the perks of being a freelance artist is the flexibility of my schedule. But without my planner, I lose track of my time and become a disaster.

It’s taken me many years to clean up my time management, and if I’m being honest it still has a lot of room for improvement. But here are three things I’ve learned that have helped me be a more productive artist with the use of my planner:

A peek at my Weekly Planning Setup in my BuJo

Dream Big.

Start your year, or this moment, off right by taking a day or three to sit down and really figure out what you want to accomplish in ten, five, or one year. Just brain dump everything, nothing is off limits.

Organize Your Thoughts.

Think about what it would look like to make progress towards that goal in a year. Then keep breaking it down until you have small tasks you can do everyday that help progress to that goal. Something that takes at most thirty minutes in your day. You can do more then that, but figure out the bare minimum that is needed to accomplish it. You don’t want to burn out too quickly, plus, it’s good to leave time to enjoy life and recharge.

Celebrate The Milestones.

I find it important for myself to celebrate the small steps as much as the big ones. Taking that moment to enjoy the progress helps motivate the soul into pushing towards that next step.

By doing these tricks at the end of the year, I start the next quarter with refreshed motivation, and can wake up and get my projects done, knowing that these tasks I’m working on each day is heading towards my goals!

This post is part of the March Meet The Maker series, a prompt list created by Joanne Hawker. Come back tomorrow to see the next post in the series!


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