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Draw This In Your Style || Brian Serway

My entry for Brian Gerway's Draw This In Your Style Challenge over on Instagram.

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New Merch Alert || Adventuring Party

As some may know from my social media, I've been playing dungeons & dragons a lot as of late. But how can I not?! It's such a great way to hang out with friends during quarantine! And the storytelling capabilities, oh! I need to stop myself before I go full fan-mode on it. To say… Continue reading New Merch Alert || Adventuring Party

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The Little Armored One

In the past few years I've rarely have the chance to do a traditional piece. That is until a few weeks ago when I had the opportunity to brush up on my skills, and took it to draw a nine-banded armadillo. This piece was inspired by the state that I've grown to love these past… Continue reading The Little Armored One

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Hello 2019; Looking Back to Plan Forward

It’s a new year, which means new goals and new projects! And today I would like to look back at 2018 to plan some loose goals for 2019. Art summaries are a nice way to see how far I have come, and where I want to go. I think it's fun to share the highlights… Continue reading Hello 2019; Looking Back to Plan Forward

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Hello, 2019! I Have Big News for You…

It's a new year, which means new goals and new projects! There's so much to share, so I'm thinking of spreading it out over the next month. Let's start with the biggest announcement first. I've been working on this for a while now, and have finally built up the courage to join Patreon! What? Yes,… Continue reading Hello, 2019! I Have Big News for You…

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These Puns Are Unbearable! (A.K.A. My Recent Collection of Pun-tastic Illustrations)

For this past month I've been working on a collection of pun-filled illustrations inspired by combining words with animals. Here's a round-up of them all!

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2018 Inktober Round-Up

Inktober is finished! This year I followed the official prompt list. But I did it with the twist of it being a collection of magic users! From a polymorph chicken to a bard dancing in the night! Here's my results: With a grand total of 15/31 days, I feel pretty happy with my results! Which one… Continue reading 2018 Inktober Round-Up

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Fanart Friday: 1st Gen Starters

~A few weeks ago I worked on these Pokemon Starters and shared them on my social medias. Today I'm sharing a bit more of the story behind them.~ I tried hard to think of something witty to write as to why I drew the evolution trees of the first starters of Pokemon. The truth of… Continue reading Fanart Friday: 1st Gen Starters

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Casual MerMay Collection

Oh goodness has it been a hot minute. I've got a lot of catching up to do. Let's start with MerMay, which was an absolute blast to partake in! This challenge, as probably guessed from the title of it, is about drawing merfolk in May. It's a fun way to help transition to those summer… Continue reading Casual MerMay Collection


April’s Random Sketches

I've started to get into this habit at the end of April of doing warm-up sketches before I start my day. It's so far has helped me be able to be creative and is almost like meditation in that it calms me down and helps me focus on the day ahead. I thought today I'd… Continue reading April’s Random Sketches