Draw This Again || Alavara Draxid, 5e Elf Sorceress

Sometimes the best way to see one’s journey is to redraw a past favorite. Let’s see how I’ve progressed in my journey today with the redesign of an elven sorceress.

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Folklore Friday || Unicorns

I want to start a potential new series here called Folklore Friday. These posts share fun lore about the fantastical creatures and beings from the many tales that abound from around the world. And what better creature for us to start with then the Unicorn! Five Things About Unicorns It is said that the horn… Continue reading Folklore Friday || Unicorns

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Merch Alert || Adventuring Party Tea Cup

As some may know from my social media, I've been playing dungeons & dragons a lot as of late. But how can I not?! It's such a great way to hang out with friends during quarantine! And the storytelling capabilities, oh! I need to stop myself before I go full fan-mode on it. To say… Continue reading Merch Alert || Adventuring Party Tea Cup