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Fantasy Friday || Unicorns

I want to start a potential new series here called Fantasy Friday. These posts share fun lore about the fantastical creatures and beings from the many tales that abound from around the world. And what better creature for us to start with then the Unicorn!

Did You Know?

  • It is said that the horn of a unicorn holds medicinal properties. From neutralizing poisons to prolonging youth.
  • Scotland’s National Animal is the Unicorn.
  • They are said to only appear to pure young ladies, but otherwise stay hidden in their forests.
  • The first recorded mention of unicorns in Western literary was from Ctesias, a historian and doctor, in fourth century B.C.
  • Narwhals are sometimes known as sea unicorns due to the long tusk that grows on the upper jaw of the males. Many of their tusks have been found across the globe being displayed as fake unicorn horns.
  • The European unicorn is often described as a white horse with a goat goatee, goat hoofs, and a long horn protruding from it’s head.

Some Favorite Tales

Unicorns pop up in a variety of stories, but I highly recommend checking out for yourself if you haven’t already The Last Unicorn (1982 Film).

What’s your favorite story or lore about a unicorn?

Have A Magical Day,


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