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The Little Armored One

In the past few years I've rarely have the chance to do a traditional piece. That is until a few weeks ago when I had the opportunity to brush up on my skills, and took it to draw a nine-banded armadillo. This piece was inspired by the state that I've grown to love these past… Continue reading The Little Armored One

Art: Drawings and Beyond

Getting Cocky with New Art Supplies

It's the year of the Rooster on the Chinese zodiac calendar! Which is fantastic because it is the same Chinese zodiac I have. Well, kinda. I did some research and found out that apparently each zodiac has an element that also goes along with them. Have you heard of that before? So this year is the… Continue reading Getting Cocky with New Art Supplies

Art: Drawings and Beyond

Art Supply Favorites

Something that I don't really talk about on here is the art supplies I use. Which looking back is really not too much of a surprise since for the most part all of my drawings were done on random sheets of paper with a mechanical pencil. It wasn't until 2012-2013 (I can't remember the exact moment)… Continue reading Art Supply Favorites

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What I Think About Art Tablets…

I'm still new to drawing art, but after getting my first art tablet a couple weeks ago, I've noticed a few things about using it.

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Monthly Round-Up: February 2016

It's time for another Monthly Round-Up! I feel like winter barely even arrived in my area and now we're headed to spring. I mean, sure, my area had a couple of snow storms, but after last years snow that got me out of school for two weeks. This winter has felt mild. Which now that… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: February 2016


Geometric and Line Doodle

Last week I created a recycled sketchbook out of package paper and an old cardboard 24-pack. I started doodling on the first page, and created what you see below. The best thing about doodles is that they can transform into anything. I originally was just using metallic sharpies and drawing geometric shapes. A little bit later… Continue reading Geometric and Line Doodle