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Fantasy Friday || Unicorns

I want to start a potential new series here called Fantasy Friday. These posts share fun lore about the fantastical creatures and beings from the many tales that abound from around the world. And what better creature for us to start with then the Unicorn! Did You Know? It is said that the horn of… Continue reading Fantasy Friday || Unicorns


Getting Cocky with New Art Supplies

It's the year of the Rooster on the Chinese zodiac calendar! Which is fantastic because it is the same Chinese zodiac I have. Well, kinda. I did some research and found out that apparently each zodiac has an element that also goes along with them. Have you heard of that before? So this year is the… Continue reading Getting Cocky with New Art Supplies


Geometric and Line Doodle

Last week I created a recycled sketchbook out of package paper and an old cardboard 24-pack. I started doodling on the first page, and created what you see below. The best thing about doodles is that they can transform into anything. I originally was just using metallic sharpies and drawing geometric shapes. A little bit later… Continue reading Geometric and Line Doodle