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2021 || My Art Goals

2020 is over!! 2020 Art Summary And if you're like me, one of the ways I'm surviving the chaos right now is being a bit of a workaholic. And if that's the case, it means you have or you're about to start working on planning for this year. I won't go into many details here,… Continue reading 2021 || My Art Goals

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Octopus Coloring Page + Shop Update A few months ago before the rush of the day that is so thrilling during convention going, I took a moment to draw a rough sketch of an octopus. Many months later, with many weeks of working on the piece then stepping away from it, it turned into a coloring page! I would love… Continue reading Octopus Coloring Page + Shop Update

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Applying the Scientific Method To Art Studies

I've finally taken the jump, and have decided to explore how to combine art and science. If you follow my Something Called Science sister site (or would it be called a daughter site?) you might have seen my latest post with the picture below: Which shows most of the steps included in working with the scientific method.… Continue reading Applying the Scientific Method To Art Studies