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Octopus Coloring Page + Shop Update

A few months ago before the rush of the day that is so thrilling during convention going, I took a moment to draw a rough sketch of an octopus. Many months later, with many weeks of working on the piece then stepping away from it, it turned into a coloring page!

I would love to see how your creativity finished this piece, so please tag me when/if you share this piece online! All of my social media accounts are above if you need a reference for what I’m called on each site. At the very least a #artsyrobotz would be appreciated.

The link below is a printer friendly PDF version of the coloring page that has a 1-inch margin around the design.

Octopus Coloring Page

Octopus Coloring Page-Fill Paper

However, you should be able to also right-click and save the picture above to print off to a size you prefer.

I loved the design so much that I could not leave it there, so I went ahead and created a  version of this piece for my shops! Below are some of the products you can get this design on.










I’m thinking of creating varied versions of this piece, with different colorings. If you have any suggestions please comment below!

Buying my art as prints or merch on these sites helps support me in a big way! If you can’t purchase anything, supporting by liking my content is super supportive as well.

I hope to see you again soon,

Jessi, the ArtsyRobotz


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