Art of the Day: The Last Jedi’s Porg

Who has seen the Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Or at least one of the trailers? Today’s fanart is based on a creature you might have noticed screaming in the foreground as Chewy tried to drive. (Note: Beyond this we’re getting into minor spoiler territory.)


Rough Sketch to Start The Process

Okay, now that we can talk openly about the movie, let’s talk about the thought that started this fanart of the Porgs.

This was one of the few movies that I made sure to go to the theaters last year. As I sat down, I didn’t really know what to expect since I had heard so many mixed reviews of this movie. There was a couple of times that I started crying just because of Carrie Fisher to be honest.

Looking back I realize that though it had many of the elements of a Star Wars movie, something about felt like it was the pause before the true storm. You know? Which is perfect for the middle movie I guess because I don’t really know what to expect with this last one. However, there were so many explanations that raised questions then answering what was happening in the movie that it has me feeling slightly still hungry for story.

If I was using the same system as I do for my books on Goodread it’d be a 3.5/5. I really enjoyed it but not enough that I want to buy just it. However, I might if I can get the whole trilogy. I mean, I enjoyed it enough to do fanart for it, and I only do fanart for stuff I like.

Anyways, about halfway through the movie I noticed that the porgs were super adorable but always getting into trouble. They seemed to not realize how much of a nuisance they could get. Which is kinda cute cause you know they aren’t doing anything harmful with malice in their mind. So it got me thinking. Would the porgs on the millennial falcon try to make nests? I’m sure a few would. And by trying to prep for the potential of laying eggs, they probably short circuited some systems in the ship while collecting wires.

Colored Version

Originally I was planning to make this a quick coloring and be done with it, but after 10+ hours into it I knew that wasn’t happening. I had to stop myself from continuing to nick pick at it after I reached around the 20 hour on this piece. When I uploaded this to my phone (for the social media posts) I noticed something though. The coloring of the piece was not the same as what I was seeing on my computer screen.

Turns out that the screen I’m currently using has only one setting for its brightness. So it looks like I’ll have to be more conscious of this when working on my designs so that they don’t become too dark on normal settings.

Porg- BnW with Heart
“Gray Scale” Version

Thank you for reading my quick review of the film and checking out my latest fanart. Let me know which version you like better!

Have a fantastic week!

Jessi, the ArtsyRobotz



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