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An Aquarium Art Study Adventure!

My birthday happened this past week. To celebrate, my husband and I went to the local aquarium. I have never been in one, so I was curious as to what it was like.

As we walked inside, a variety of birds welcomed us as we got our tickets. When we got through the doors, I immediately went into that dreamy wonderland state of freaking out and staring at everything I saw. Many of these species I had only read about from my college classes, but I never imagined I’d get to see them up close.

I ended up taking a lot of photos while there since I hadn’t brought my sketchbook with me and didn’t know when I’d return. I also wanted to share with y’all some of my discoveries while there. Below is a collection of my best photos from the trip. I did not get a chance to get the names of all of these species, and for the sake of accidentally naming one, I decided to not add names below the pictures.



It took a couple of days, but this past weekend I got a chance to try to draw some of what I saw. Unfortunately while working on my art study I bent up a bit of the paper. I tried to smooth it out but it just wasn’t going to happen.

Some art studies based off what I saw while there.

I definitely want to try to come back and sketch at the aquarium in the future. There were so many beautiful species that I was unable to get clear pictures of to look at later. Until then,  I plan to keep on randomly drawing based off the photo references I got while there, and will hopefully be able to use some of them for a somewhat secret project.

Feel free to use these photos for art study references as well!

Have a great week!

Jessi, the ArtsyRobotz


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