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Octopus Coloring Page + Shop Update A few months ago before the rush of the day that is so thrilling during convention going, I took a moment to draw a rough sketch of an octopus. Many months later, with many weeks of working on the piece then stepping away from it, it turned into a coloring page! I would love… Continue reading Octopus Coloring Page + Shop Update

Art: Drawings and Beyond

Art of the Day: Patterned Orca

Orca's might be one of my favorite dolphins. It's at the very least in my top 3 of it's family. I really find it peaceful to draw them. I mean, sure, they have the nickname Killer Whale, but that doesn't mean they're not pleasing to the eye. I've drawn them in almost every style I enjoy… Continue reading Art of the Day: Patterned Orca