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Monthly Round-Up: March 2018

Another month has marched on through the year! But before we really get into this month, I'd like to take a moment to look back, and prep for this next one! In the Journal: This past month I didn't really get a chance to have a bunch of journaling, but I shared a few of… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: March 2018

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Monthly Round-Up: February 2018

Oh wow. This month was full of so many days that got lost in the abyss due to personal tasks that needed to be completed. Never fear, we did complete a few fun things this past month that I would like to share! In the Journal: I shared a few of my favorites from January. Most… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: February 2018

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Octopus Coloring Page + Shop Update A few months ago before the rush of the day that is so thrilling during convention going, I took a moment to draw a rough sketch of an octopus. Many months later, with many weeks of working on the piece then stepping away from it, it turned into a coloring page! I would love… Continue reading Octopus Coloring Page + Shop Update

Art: Drawings and Beyond

Art of the Day: Patterned Orca

Orca's might be one of my favorite dolphins. It's at the very least in my top 3 of it's family. I really find it peaceful to draw them. I mean, sure, they have the nickname Killer Whale, but that doesn't mean they're not pleasing to the eye. I've drawn them in almost every style I enjoy… Continue reading Art of the Day: Patterned Orca