The Story Behind of the Creation of The Patterned Killer Whale

Orca’s might be one of my favorite dolphins. It’s at the very least in my top 3 of it’s family. I really find it peaceful to draw them. I mean, sure, they have the nickname Killer Whale, but that doesn’t mean they’re not aesthetically pleasing.

I’ve drawn them in almost every style I enjoy working in. From when I first started to learn how to do digital illustration with a mouse and my college’s computers to my inked patterned designs I enjoy drawing when I need to calm down. The original version of the patterned orca was drawn to calm some anxiety as I prepped for GenCon last year. And he was forgotten to the craziness of moving. (I don’t think I ever posted this here on the blog, so…surprise!)

Until recently, when I came across this little guy again as I was working on my Instagram profile. I loved the design, and wanted to redraw it digitally before putting it in my shop. However, he had a couple details that needed to be fixed before that could happen. For example, the end tail wasn’t fully there, I didn’t like the coloring, the resolution wasn’t big big enough, etc., etc.. And somehow through the process I might have gotten carried away.


Looking between the two now I can’t find many of the same patterns as before. But in the end, I still love both designs.

Thank you all for hanging out with me, and I hope you have a great day!

If you would like to bring this little cutie into your home, you can find art prints, t-shirts, bags, and more over at my Redbubble shop


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