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Art of the Day-Patterned Kitsune (Nine-Tailed Fox)

As some may know, I really enjoy the Pokemon game series. Heck, my first blog post was creating corkboards inspired by Pokeballs. One of my favorites from that first generation was Ninetails. I loved trying to learn how to draw it, and soon came to learn that this creature was inspired by the myths of East Asia countries. The book “The Classic of Mountains and Seas,” tells tales about it, as well as other mythical figures from that area. It has many names, and has shown up in a lot of modern fiction (i.e. Pokemon, Naruto, etc., etc.).

Anyways, I thought it would be fun and sorta challenging to try to create one of my patterned designs with it.


If you like the design, or would like to help support me on my journey of improving my art and crafts skills, please head over to my shop to see this design on a variety of merchandise. Thank you so much for your support!


4 thoughts on “Art of the Day-Patterned Kitsune (Nine-Tailed Fox)”

  1. Which RPG was it?

    That’s fair. It’s always fascinating to me to see where the monsters of RPGs originated from, so this is something I sometimes research in my spare time.


  2. I encountered Kitsune as a type of shapeshifter in a roleplay game I play. Given the artwork I figured something to do with foxes but never followed it up as busy doing other stuff. No I know, and knowing is the half the battle as they say.


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