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Applying the Scientific Method To Art Studies

I’ve finally taken the jump, and have decided to explore how to combine art and science. If you follow my Something Called Science sister site (or would it be called a daughter site?) you might have seen my latest post with the picture below:


Which shows most of the steps included in working with the scientific method. The one bit that it is missing is after you draw your conclusion, you should share your results and get it peer-reviewed. (In other words, do people in your field agree with your conclusion?)

Well, I feel like you can apply a similar approach when you’re working on an art studies.scientific-method-for-art

They’re very similar written down, but when applied they completely change. When the scientific method is applied to a scientific study, you must build an experiment that will answer the question. Then after the experiment occurs, you must analyze the results and make sure you’re not seeing an answer that isn’t there, or vice versa.

Meanwhile with art, the scientific method is a little more fluid, slowly flowing from one thought to the next. In the future I would like to do an art study with this in mind just to show how it can be applied.


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