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Art Tips Learned At Gen Con 2017!

Gen Con is a time for playing tabletop games and spending time with fellow geeks. It's also a great place to learn tips to improve your art! (Many of the tips can be applied to any career really.) In today's blog, I share some of my top favorites I heard during the con.

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Using Pinterest for Mood Boards

Mood Boards are a fantastic way to help inspire and bring together an idea. Similar to gathering references before you start writing a paper, it's a way to help bring together a project. Here are some reasons to create a mood board: Planning an event (i.e. a wedding, prom night, etc.) Designing a room. Planning… Continue reading Using Pinterest for Mood Boards

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What To Draw Potential Challenge?

Ever have a moment where you don't know exactly what you want to work on? Or you're out of ideas? Well, that happened to me, kinda. I was doing laundry and had nothing to do while I waited for the clothes to get washed at our local laundromat. So I pulled up this app called "What… Continue reading What To Draw Potential Challenge?

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6 Upcycling Projects for Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up soon, and I got to be honest it's one of my favorite holidays. It's an easy way to share fun projects that help reduce some of the pollution on the planet. Below are a couple projects that I've done here on the blog that are great ways to celebrate Earth… Continue reading 6 Upcycling Projects for Earth Day

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What I’ve Learned About Social Media

At my high school I was very much a late bloomer onto this scene. I was a sophomore in high school before I started using social media. Most of my friends had two or three social medias they were constantly on by the time they reached 9th grade. I didn't do much on mine except… Continue reading What I’ve Learned About Social Media

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What I’ve Learned About Blogging

I hit it! This blog has officially been running for a year! So much has changed in my life since I started this blog. I moved into a new apartment, lost family members to cancer (it's sad but true), started a Youtube segment, got engaged, and I'm about to graduate from college. It's so surreal.… Continue reading What I’ve Learned About Blogging

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How to Do Blockprinting

Hi guys! A couple of months ago I worked with a friend to run an Arts and Crafts Festival booth. We made block prints to sell, and I sold my designs of the first generation of starter Pokemon there. Looking back at it still brings a goofy smile to my face. I had so much fun… Continue reading How to Do Blockprinting

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6 Things I Learned My First Semester of College

It's that time again for another semester to start. For some out in the world, it's your first semester. Everything is new and exciting, as it should be. You have worked hard to get here, and I would like to congratulate you on getting to this next step in life! However, like all good things, it… Continue reading 6 Things I Learned My First Semester of College

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6 Tips to Making a Cheap Cosplay

Cosplaying is very popular in today's convention culture. It can be used as ice breakers to start conversations with strangers, and to geek out with fellow fans of what you cosplay. If you are just getting started, you may not have the money to commission someone to create a costume for you. That's okay. Here are a… Continue reading 6 Tips to Making a Cheap Cosplay

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What Makes A Great Cosplay?

The summer is approaching which means it will soon be convention season! Time to go out and celebrate the things you love/"geek out to" with other people who feel the same way.