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Monthly Round-Up: March 2016

Hello! How is everyone doing on this lovely April Fools Day?! Don't worry, I have never been great with pranks...I always take them a little too today I thought I would do a monthly round-up of what has happen this past month here on the blog, and other places on the internet! What's Happened… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: March 2016

Work in Progress

How Fanart is the Perfect Practice for Drawing

Hello! Happy Tuesday everyone! Are there any stories, whether they be a book, movie, video game, or board game, that you love seeing fan art of? If you've been with this blog for a bit, you might know about my love for a card game called Sentinels of the Multiverse. I've been drawing fanart for… Continue reading How Fanart is the Perfect Practice for Drawing

Blog Update

Monthly Round-Up: January 2016

Hello everyone! It's time again to look back on this past month and see what all I have been up to! We started the month off with some do-it-yourself Love Letter Tokens! These were really fun to make and really only took a couple hours to create! For the past couple of months I have… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: January 2016