DIY Personalized Pencil Holder

Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I got snowed in from our latest winter storm Jonas, and kinda got stuck in my apartment. Which turned out to be awesome for me because this craft took longer than I thought to complete it! Just to get a little backstory, a couple of months ago I… Continue reading DIY Personalized Pencil Holder


DIY Upcycled Bat Wall Decorations

I am so excited to get started on decorating for Halloween! This has been one of my favorite holidays, and so I get really hyped when it comes around each year. For this round, I decided to see how much I could create from reusing old products like cereals boxes and such I use in… Continue reading DIY Upcycled Bat Wall Decorations

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How to Do Blockprinting

Hi guys! A couple of months ago I worked with a friend to run an Arts and Crafts Festival booth. We made block prints to sell, and I sold my designs of the first generation of starter Pokemon there. Looking back at it still brings a goofy smile to my face. I had so much fun… Continue reading How to Do Blockprinting