DIY Love Letter Tokens

Hello everyone! How’s the new year been treating you?

Sorry for my mini-hiatus. I got a new puppy on New Years day! She’s an adorable little thing who loves getting into things. This past week was focused on completely training her. Though she won’t be fully trained for a while (she’s only 7 weeks old), she has become more house trained, which gives me more time to focus on my pet projects.

One that I’ve had in mind since September was creating new Love Letter tokens. My fiance proposed to me with the game while we were sitting on our balcony. While we were playing it, one of the red cubes dropped off it into a bunch of bushes. And it has stayed there ever since because we couldn’t find the thing. Which gave us two options: buy a new version of it, or create new tokens.

I couldn’t miss on this opportunity, so of course I chose the latter. Below is a quick guide into how I created some hearts to use as tokens.

Closeup of clay

What I Needed:

  • Clay
  • Baking sheet
  • Wax paper
  • Acrylic paint and accessories
  • Toothpick

What I Did:

Before Paint

  1. I played with the clay until it was moldable and create a flat sheet of it.
  2. Using the toothpick I carved out the hearts and peeled away the excess clay.
  3. Then I placed them unto the wax paper which was sitting on top of the baking sheet.
  4. After making 13 hearts, I baked the clay as per the box instructions.
  5. I painted a couple layers of red paint unto the hearts. REMEMBER: Let the paint dry for an hour between layers.
  6. Finally I applied a layer of varnish so that the paint doesn’t come off, and let it dry for an hour before using.

DIY Love Tokens

I can’t wait to play with these new tokens! Now I can play one of my favorite quick card games again!

Thank you guys for reading, and hope you have a great rest of the week!


8 thoughts on “DIY Love Letter Tokens”

      1. Hi kiddo. I know that Diana is a hand full now, but she will grow fast. A puppy is like any baby, they need your patience and love, and I know that when it comes to animals you have both. For those out there reading this, if you haven’t guessed yet, this is her mom! Question about the project: did you use a polymer clay? If so, did you know that Walmart carries it now?


  1. Congratulations on the engagement! What kind of puppy did you get? My golden retriever just turned 1 years old with the energy of a pup but the looks of a grown dog. lol


    1. Thank you! 😀 We got a boston terrier and chihuahua mix. They say that the tallest she may get is a foot. She has so much energy that sometimes I can’t keep up with her. Haha.
      Golden retrievers are so gorgeous! That sounds like a fun stage!

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